Giovanni Ghizzani and Lisa Rudy

Date: Saturday 2 December 2023
Time: 23:00

Giovanni Ghizzani, born in 1988, started playing the piano at an early age and attended the Conservatory of Classical Music in Siena. Later, he discovered his passion for jazz music and joined the Siena Jazz Foundation – National Jazz Academy, where he graduated with distinction. In September 2016, he continued his studies at the Conservatory of Bologna, in the Jazz Department, under the tutelage of American pianist Gregory Burk. In October 2021, he began his master’s degree at the Escola de Musica de Catalunya, where he studied with some of the best exponents of Spanish jazz.

In addition, on this occasion, Giovanni will be accompanied by Lisa Rudy. Lisa has been a singer since she was a child and began writing songs at the age of 14. She has worked with various artists and on solo projects, covering a wide range of musical styles including jazz, pop, soul, musical theater, house music and even touches of gospel in her songs. With years of experience singing in bands, recording studios and as a session vocalist, Lisa is a professional and passionate singer/songwriter. She has collaborated with several DJ producers in Ibiza and the UK, bringing her talents to the creation of outstanding tracks. Over the past two years, Lisa has been working on writing, recording and producing her own music, with plans to release her first EP this year.