Antonio Simone

Saturday 22 July 2023
Time: 20:45

After concerts in the big cities of New York, Madrid and Rome, the Italian jazz pianist Antonio Simone returns to Spain with his music, this time in Barcelona. A fun and interesting combination of sophistication, contamination and groove of European jazz style music! The piano trio is composed this time by two talented Spanish musicians, Manuel Luque on double bass and Luis Naval on drums. In addition to some original songs by the pianist and belonging to the album “On my path”, the trio will perform amusing jazz standards in a revisited key! Pianist Antonio Simone’s project is an autobiographical project which gave birth to the recording of a disc entitled “On My Path” and published by the Dodicilune record label. Through his own compositions and through his expressiveness, the pianist focuses the musical discourse on what is defined as “playing oneself”. The pianist’s project unites Music with Philosophy thanks to one of the most representative pieces of this album entitled “looking for my self” and dedicated to the Polish mathematical philosopher A. Korzybski, an exponent of general semantics. The song, (which contains audio messages from the philosopher), as well as the entire album has obtained the approval of the General Semantics Institute of New York and has given rise to an international tour with concerts held in several major cities and starting in New York.