Adrian Monziar & The Glamour Band

Saturday 15 June 2024
Time: 20:00

Adrian Monziar & The Glamour Band was born in 2024 to offer an intense, elegant and festive musical experience in a vintage atmosphere. Led by Adrian Monziar, a singer and actor from Barcelona, we fuse original songs and re-imaginings of classics, inspired by the live shows of legends such as Elvis Presley and Rod Stewart.
In each performance, we seek to convey the emotion and intensity of cinema through our meticulously designed repertoire, encompassing Rockabilly, Soul, Blues, Jazz and Disco, creating an atmosphere that revives the golden decades with a modern twist.
Our concerts feature special guests who bring variety and glamour, making each performance a unique experience. Unleash your wild and sensitive side with a perfect combination of music, showmanship and nostalgia with Adrian Monziar & The Glamour Band.